Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm in st. thomas right now

So after an uneventful morning til early afternoon of searching for a computer parts or repair store, I'm unfortunately shit out of luck. I've asked all the internet cafes in the area and they said they wouldn't be able to help me out to fix my laptop. Even the IT dept on the ship can't help me. They did however were able to create a usb mobile fan for me that I can put on the side of the laptop to suck out the hot air during use. But that's not the solution I was looking for. Looks like I will be buying a new laptop tomorrow. Off to st marteen.
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johnnyshoes said...

Time to MAC it up homie!

DJ Rugged One said...

Sup Geo, that sucks bro !!! I fear the same for my Mac as well and I do need to get new one soon since Serato keeps updating !!! Let us know how it goes.

dj impulse said...

aww man, i wish you the best of luck homie. I will be on that boat in January, so i think im going to bring a back up lappy.