Monday, June 26, 2006

House update: after the move etc part 2

I forgot to publish these pics

House update: after the move and still unpacking

Here's a few pics of the house. We've been at the house for almost a
month now and we still need to unpack and furnish the place. We painted
the kitchen and dining room a nice sage green. We're planning to paint
the living room and office next. We bought a very dope 62" hdtv
(fyreeeeeee!) and linh's parents got us a nice set of washer/dryer and a
whole bunch of little kitchen appliances (wow, talk about spoiled,
hahahaha). We bought a lawn mower yesterday (hopefully it stops raining
so I can start using it) and I also installed 2" faux wood blinds thru
out the house (14 windows!). Guardian technologies installed and
activated the security today. Other than that, everything else is
peachy. More updates later. Breakfast room set and post mowed lawn

XM Employee Appreciation Day

XM Radio booked me to spin at their Employee Appreciation Day last
Tuesday. It was very cool, they got their corporate partners/sponsors
there to give out free stuff for the employee and lots of food &
festivities there. I mixed it up on the main stage and got the b-boys
and the lovely ladies dancing. I was a hit, very cool experience, got
to meet the CEO of XM Radio. I wouldn't mind doing that event
again....shit I wouldn't mind working for XM as a dj......maybe even as
janitor, hahahaha.

Oh yea, I finally moved in to the new crib

This pic was taken may 31st. Linh and I finally closed on the house
that morning and basically its a pic of our house keys. Telling u,
being a homeowner is a full time job. Never spent so much time at home
depot before. Taking care of the lawn, organizing the garage,
maintaining the furnace & appliances, keeping the house clean,
furnishing and decorating the house and making it look good. Very
very hard work. But definitely well worth it. I love it!