Monday, May 29, 2006

Tampa trip for Nick's wedding

I'm in the airport today to fly back home to va. Linh and I spent the
weekend in tampa, fl for nick's wedding. Saturday was super stressful
'cause first off, we missed our flight in the morning. Damn too many
people flying out of dulles for the holiday weekend. Felt like I was at
kings dominion waiting at both ticket counter and security gates. Then
the shuttle to the concourse got held up in airplane traffic. We ran to
the gate, but got there probably a couple of minutes late. Nice lady at
the gate saw our effort in trying to make our flight so she booked us
for the next one free of charge. We got to tampa a few hours before the
wedding and I'm already getting tired 'cause of 2 hours of sleep the
night before. Nick had a beach wedding at sunset in clearwater, fl -
very nice and uber cheesy, hahahaha. Then reception at a middle eastern
restaurant where everyone was gawking at the belly dancer who we found
out was a nuclear physicist. Very very nice time, good to see people I
haven't seen in a while like nick's rents, natalie (sis), and sharra,
who I met a while back in nashville.

Next day, we did the tourist thing and went to st. Petersburg to check
out the salvador dali museum. Spent $130 at the gift shop, mostly stuff
for the house. We also checked out the pier and ate at the columbia
restaurant (real good cuban food) next to the water. Drove around some
more, got some jamba juice, and then met up with nick, dahlia, and
joseph for dinner at crabby bill's. Gave nick all of my pics of the
wedding from my cam and laughed our asses off when I showed him his old
man walk with the belly dancer, hahahaha. Anyways, that's it, got 15
minutes til boarding.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The house is finally finished!

We just finished going thru the final walk through and settlement is on
the 31st. We're moving in on june 2nd. What do u guys think?

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Watching the nats pirates game

At the game with linh, tim and hazel. Nats leading 5-1 top of the 4th.

Got both of the golf dunks