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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Somebody got arrested in front of my house

Looks like 2 county cops and an undercover cop pulled over a drunk driver in a ford mustang in my own suburban neighborhood. The cops gave the dude a sobriety test and it looked like he didn't pass it in flying colors. He got handcuffed, placed into the squad car and the cops waited til the tow truck towed his car away. Not sure if he lives in the neighborhood, but damn there goes the neighborhood, hahaha.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Sad to hear that the Kickballers storefront is closing for good

Everyone should stop by before they close on Wednesday night and show your support by buying some fresh new gear. Good to know that they will keep the online store open.


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via KICKBALLERS by neran on 2/25/08

We are writing to inform everyone that we will be closing down the Kickballers storefront, effective 8pm Wednesday, February 27, 2008. We are left with no other choice, as this decision is a result of several irreversible damages we have suffered due to the actions of a former friend, former partner and former parent company (you know who you are, you know what you did).

It has been a blessing working with the local community and helping to show a little bit of what the DMV has to offer. We are keeping the business going, however, we will operate as an online-only shop, at least for the time being. You can access our online shop via our blog. We will explore other storefront opportunities as well.

We would like to thank all of those who supported the Kickballers storefront and we hope you will continue to check up on us.

And remember, make sure to do all of your business in writing…trust us!

Also, congrats to our boy Carlo, this week his little baby girl will be brought into the world…one thing ends, a new life begins….


Kickballers DC


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The new baseball stadium is almost finished

Linh and I drove by it today and surprised to see her work is a couple of blocks from it. Can't wait to buy some tickets this year and watch a few washington nats games. Individual game tickets available on sale for the whole year on march 4th 9am EST. See u at the ball park.
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The night life is for you

That's the fortune I got today. Amazing (doing a david blaine face).
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm addicted to this ishhh

I can drink arizona diet peach iced tea all day. Which reminds me, gotta go to the store and buy another gallon.
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Here are my favorites for this season's American Idol

this season's american idol got tough competition this year. a lot more talented people than i can remember from the other season. if i were to pick a top 2, it would be david archuleta and brooke white. anyways, happy voting! hahaha

NEW ERA Deluxe Cap Carriers



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NEW ERA has the Maybach of cap carriers for those that simply cannot travel with less than a dozen or so fitted ball caps while jet setting across the globe. The branded double decker fitted cap carrier holds around 24 caps and has a carrying handle with a zipper enclosure. This also doubles as an excellent storage option. Only 5 of these puppies are left in stock at the NEW ERA Flagship Store in New York.

New Era New York
9 East 4th Street
NYC, NY 10003



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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More pics with DJs, celebs, and rappers

me & DJ Lord of Public Enemy at the 2004 DMC USA Finals in LA

me & Jamie Chung (Real World San Diego & Dragonball)

old school AIP pic back in 1998 w/ Peter Gunz (Deja Vu). also, quix, sneek, earl, and da marksman in this pic

me & Washington Redskins Chris Samuels at Cloud Lounge, DC around 2006
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When DJ Enferno had hair....or back in the day when we were roommates

enferno and i playing some NBA Street on the PS2 back in 2001. we used to live together with another roommate in a townhouse back in 2001-2002

celebrating his b-day back in 2002 with dj sneek

new years eve party back in 2001-2002 at the townhouse
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More Trooperz back in the day pics

we appeared in an internet tv show on and did an interview & showcase back in 1999

here's me showcasing during my segment of the show

again me doing my thing at the show

the whole crew (quix, sneek, me & enferno) minus oz.
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Trooperz pics from back in the day

here's the Trooperz logo. damn, we need to put this on a shirt or something

quix, kevork (our old manager), enferno, me, and i-dee backstage at the DMC USA Finals 2004 in Los Angeles

old press kit pic with the original 5 (quix, enferno, oz, sneek, and me) from 2001

another old trooperz press kit pic from 2001

people tend to forget that i'm part of a world famous DJ crew for the past 10 years now. we got world class djs in the crew and i'm so proud what we have all accomplished in the past few years and we're still killing it, even we're all retired from the battle circuit and now making crazy moves in the party and production circuit. we the BEST, hahahaha!
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Old pictures from my DJ battle days part 2

one of my very first DJ battles from 1999. i believe this was at Needle Wars at Erico's Lounge in DC. i was a top 4 finalist that night.

Guitar Center Atlanta Regional in 2001. i don't think i placed that night but i won a few qualifying competitions to get there back in Virginia.

Kool Mixx battle in DC that I won back in 2002. Check out my boy Oz hyping me up on the side.

this is when Eric (DJ Enferno) and i did an exhibition battle at Dream Nightclub in DC back in 2004. check out that crowd.
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Old pictures from my DJ battle days

Import Xpression 2003 USA Finals in Miami, FL (one of the few national finals i competed in)

DMC Tampa Regional from 2002. i got 3rd place that night

DMC Cleveland Regional from 2000. i got 2nd place that night

DMC Boston Regional from 2002. i made top 10 that night
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Pictures with DJs

he's not really a DJ, but here's a pic with Tony Prince, head of DMC Championships. i believe this pic was taken backstage at the US DMC Finals back in 2004 in Los Angeles

me & DJ Craze at the DMC Cleveland Regional back in 2001

me & DJ Skribbles at Insomnia back in 2004

me & hip-hop legend, Prince Paul at a Scion event back in 2006

after looking thru all my wedding pictures today, i went thru my other albums and decided to go on an uploading spree. check out pictures i'm gonna upload from back in the day in the next few posts.
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