Monday, July 28, 2008

A tribe called quest at rock the bells festival

Man, this show brought me back. This is what hiphop is all about
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some more pics from rock the bells

Pharcyde, mos def and nas killed it. Can't wait for tribe to come on
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Still at rock the bells festival

Rocked out to raekwon, ghost, meth, red, and de la
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I'm at the rock the bells festival right now

Rakim and wale were just on
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Pictures from the Royal Caribbean DJ Cruise Part 5





here are some of the places i visited during the cruise. one week, the freedom of the seas went to san juan puerto rico, st. thomas, and then st. maarten. then the next week, we went to labadee haiti, ochos rios jamaica, grand cayman islands, and cozumel mexico. then we'd do it over again for the next 2 weeks. awesome experience. i'd definitely do it again. you can check out more pics down below with the links to my facebook photos. add me as a friend, leave comments too while you're at it.

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Pictures from the Royal Caribbean DJ Cruise Part 4

me & DJ Nick, the resident DJ on the Freedom of the Seas

me & Angelina, the teen activities director

me & the cruise director staff, Jeromy & Errol, the activities manager

me & the cruise director of the freedom of the seas, Richard Spacey
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Here are pictures of the people that I worked with in the freedom of the seas.

Pictures from the Royal Caribbean DJ Cruise Part 3





the first couple pictures - i had to scratch with the freedom of the seas band during the welcome aboard show at the arcadia theatre. this was a pretty cool experience since i've never dj'd with a band before.

the last 2 pics - i had to DJ at the royal promenade which is the big open area inside the ship with the shops, coffee shop, pizza place, and where they do a lot of the ship's festivities like the circus, parade, etc.
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Pictures from the Royal Caribbean DJ Cruise Part 2





here are pictures from one of the production shows on the freedom of the seas. i would have to open up for the magic show, djing on stage. its pretty awesome and i even got a standing ovation on a few of the shows.
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Pictures from the Royal Caribbean DJ Cruise Part 1





here are pictures from the featured party on the freedom of the seas, which is the friday night "20" party. its a pool party at the solarium (the adult pool section of the pool deck). its converted to a miami style nightclub on friday nights. anyways, i got to DJ on the bridge over the pool (which was very very stupid 'cause equipment can get wet, always have towels handy), but the people are always in the pool and it gets pretty crazy in there, like girls gone wild crazy.
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this is classic! hahaha


i know i know, i'm a month late. ever since i got back from the cruise, i haven't gotten back to my normal routine. my blogging has suffered, so pretty much my next few blogs will be playing catch up on recent news and such. but anyways, back to the celtics. HELL YEAH!!!!!! FINALLY! first championship since '86. everyone whose known me for a long time knows that i'm a die hard boston celtics fan. ever since i was kid. in the philippines, all they showed were lakers and celtics games. my brothers and my dad sided with the lakers, naturally i went with the celtics. i've been there with them thru thick and thin. first seeing the celtics win in 84 against the lakers; seeing them lose to the lakers in 85 & 87; a championship win against the rockets in 86; len bias drafted to be the next francise leader for the team, but dying soon afterwards; reggie lewis collapsing during a game and dying a couple of months afterwards; bad luck with dino radja, eric montross, dominique, kenny anderson, rick pitino; and tearing down the old garden. they finally made the eastern conference finals in 2002 with antoine walker and paul pierce and that gave me lots of hope for the team. sure enough, it finally paid off this year with a win over the LAKERS!!! even though we had to trade for ray allen and k.g. who wanted to throw away individuality for team unity to win a ring, having to show the best season turnaround in history, and to make this season the greatest NBA championship story to be told. Its GREAT TO BE A CELTIC FAN right about now! (sucks that i saw almost every single game in the playoffs except for the all important game 6 of the finals 'cause i had to work that night on the cruise. i had to watch the game and all the celebration on a championship dvd that i just bought)

Jason Taylor is now a Redskin

phillip daniels goes down for the season. the defense is now in trouble. then comes jason taylor to save the day. we get an awesome defensive end at the tail end of his career and a dancing with the stars runner-up.....woop tee doooooo (sense the sarcasm)


this movie totally exceeded all my expectations that it was going to be great. it ended up to be a classic. this movie didn't even feel like a typical super hero movie. it is now considered a FILM, a film that can be considered a crime thriller, a film that can actually be nominated for an oscar award. imagine putting "heat", "the godfather II" (which are on my top 10 favorite films of all time) and of course the legend of the batman into one get the dark knight. jack nicholson's version of the joker now pales in comparison to heath ledger's version. heath definitely deserves an oscar nod for his performance. i totally believed that he was the joker and that's how i would imagine the joker would be like if he were a real person. i can't wait for the sequel.