Monday, February 27, 2006

WWE Raw/Smackdown Live @ MCI Center

Hells yeaaaaaaaa! Wrestling live is the ishhhh.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Guess who's going to see wwe raw and smackdown live

I just got the tickets in the mail today. My sister and I are going to
see both wwe raw and smackdown live on the same night at mci center on
the 27th. Can't wait to go. I wonder what I should write on a poster?
Geometrix 3:16? Hahahahaha

Introducing dj geometrix jr.

I went to build-a-bear today in the mall and got linh her very own teddy
bear version of me for valentines day. Awwww, isn't he so cute? Damn
expensive too, hahahaha

Brand new press kit pics coming soon

I finished a photo shoot yesterday with tim coburn aka teapot tim from
the morning show at hot 99.5fm. He's a great photographer, he has an
awesome make up artist, and the pics came out great. He's gonna send me
a dvd this week with all of the pics and I'm gonna go thru them to pick
out ones that's gonna get retouched and used for both my site and press
kit. Teapot tim is a funny dude, very gay, hahahaha. Anyways, linh is
a big fan of his so I got tim to sign an autograph for her. April and
linh asked if I got them "teapot tim is my homeboy" shirts and I didn't
even know he had shirts like that. Shit, I didn't even know that he was
a local celebrity, hahahaha.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Guess who got organized with his business files

Finally done with my taxes for 2005. Fuckin owe $3000. Self employment
taxes suck. I'm paying quarterly taxes this year so hopefully no more
surprises next year.

Farzad's little brother on tv

Its funny watching the science channel earlier this past january and
seeing your friend's brother laughing it up on a documentary called the
science of laughter, hahahahaha. He should have continued his acting
career. He's done small roles on law & order and homicide when he was
young. I wonder what it'd be like to act.

BTW, I don't DJ @ Vida anymore

Here's a pic @ last call for Vida's final night earlier in January.
Lots of white people doing the electric slide, hahahahaha. Can't
believe I actually played that. Gonna miss that place. Looking forward
to doing fridays @ cloud now. Last friday @ cloud was dope, lots of
ladies, skins players cooley & samuels were there, and the atmosphere
was great.