Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm drunk, I'm hungry, and can't get breakfast til 6am

At the airport....need 10 minutes is too long to get some food to sober up with.
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Goodbye rental car

Time to take u back. It was great u and me together

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sally with the mean fedora, my fedora

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DJ Rugged One in da building!

This dude took a train from boston to miami in 36 hours. Hardcore!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dinner at Nexxt with DJ Enferno, DJ I-Dee, and Sally from DMC UK

Shrimp scampi was the ishhh.
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Jumpin Jammerz in the Skymall catalog (adult footed pj's)

Wtf?!?! Footed pajamas now available in adult size. That's just straight weird. First the snuggie, now this?!?!
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Building overviews at the airport (WMC 09 update)

Waiting to board the plane to miami with a stop to atlanta in between. Should be in miami by 2pm. WMC baby!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

DOWNLOAD Exclusive Tracks from DJ Geometrix's latest mix CD "MY BITTER SWEET 16"

Promo release available @ PLUNGE Miami, FL (March 26th) & ULTRABAR Washington, DC (April 10th)

Jay-Z vs. Robin da Hood - I Just Wanna Luv U (DJ Geometrix sMASH edIT)

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Wu-Tang Clan vs. Daze of Thunder - C.R.E.A.M. (DJ Geometrix sMASH edIT)

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Wale vs. DJ Mujava vs. Scottie B - Township Dig Dug (DJ Geometrix sMASH edIT)

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Notorious B.I.G. vs. Cold Blank - Hypnotize (DJ Geometrix sMASH edIT)

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Common vs. Cadence - Lazy Love H.E.R. (DJ Geometrix sMASH edIT)

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DJ ENFERNO & DJ GEOMETRIX @ PLUNGE - Gansevoort South, Miami. FL | Thursday March 26th

Thursday, March 26, 2009

DJ Times Magazine & Michael Capponi presents
DJ Enferno @ Plunge

Plunge Rooftop Pool
Gansevoort South

2377 Collins Ave.
Miami, FL

Doors open 10pm-3am

featuring DJ Enferno (Madonna's Tour DJ |
& special guest DJ Geometrix (

For VIP Reservations, call 305-695-4410 or email

More info -

***PROMO RELEASES of DJ Geometrix's latest mix CD "My Bitter Sweet 16" available at the event***

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Supra Skytop Black Tuf

i've never been fan of Supra Skytops but damn, they're starting to grow on me. Hmmmmm i might have to visit Elite this weekend and pick up a pair. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!

8 Bit medley version of hip-hop songs - CRAZY

click on this link to listen to the song. popular hip-hop songs mixed in 8 bit Nintendo form.

source: Turntable Lab

LMFAO making their TV debut on Carson Daly

source: DJ Phlipz

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

I NEED NEW SNEAKERS - Nike Kanye Yeezys

another pair of kicks i want to get. definitely feeling the black and the cool grey joints. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!

Source: A-Trak

I NEED NEW SNEAKERS - Nike RT1 "Kanye Un-Yeezy"

i'm in need of new kicks, haven't bought a new pair in almost a year. recession sucks. supposedly these are the Kanye "Un-Yeezys". I NEED THIS IN LIFE!

Source: Neran Dhas

Favorite Hip-Hop Joints - Gravediggaz "Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide"

WOW, this takes me back to my sophomore year in high school, around 94'. i was in my Wu-Tang Killah Beez mode during this time. you can't go wrong with Prince Paul and RZA manning the production boards for this one. mid 90s heat. APPRECIATE!

Favorite Hip-Hop Joints - K-Otix "Do You Want to Be An MC?"

WOW, this brings me back to my backpacker days. World Famous DJ Cash Money doing the scratches on this hot record. late 90s heat. APPRECIATE!

Favorite Hip-Hop Joints - Medina Green "Crosstown Beef"

gonna start posting some of my favorite songs that not a lot of people know about. definitely one of my favorite songs from the Rawkus Records movement back in the late 90s. APPRECIATE!

Francis Magalona - Filipino Hip-Hop Pioneer/Legend - passed away today at the age of 44

GEOMETRIX - "Growing up in the Philippines during my first 10 years of my life, Francis M was one of the first true exposures I had to hip-hop, other than listening to Rappers Delight and Run DMC records. Francis M was one of the 1st DJs I've ever seen DJing in television shows. He used to be the DJ for the Vilma Santos show and he would always play American hip-hop records on the show. This led me to a lifelong love towards hip-hop and I thank you for it. RIP Francis M, a true Filipino hip-hop legend, the father of Pinoy rap."

The Filipino rap star is in the news as he has lost his battle with leukemia. Francis Magalona died at age 44 on March 6, 2009. Vic Sotto announced his death on the nationally televised noontime program ‘Eat Bulaga!’ on that day. Prior to his illness, the rap icon was a co-host of the long-running GMA-7 TV show.

As a biography, Francis Magalona was born on October 4, 1964. His age was 44. His birth name was Francis Michael Durango Magalona and he was one of nine siblings. His parents, Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran, were both Philippine movie screen legends and his grandfather was Senator Enrique Magalona.

The rapper was a trailblazer and has set the stage for the popularity of contemporary Pinoy rappers. As a pioneer, he began his rap career in the Philippines when hip-hop and hip-hop culture were virtually unknown. Throughout his career he continued to mentor and inspire upcoming rappers.

He began his career in the early 1980s as a break dancer, eventually turning to rap and later finding success as an actor, producer, video music director, and television host. He is best remembered for his signature hit ‘Mga Kababayan’ from his 1990 album Yo! which is considered to be the first commercially-released album by a Philippine rap artist in the Philippines. Because of his emergence as a breakout artist and commercial success, Francis Magalona has become known as the ‘King of Pinoy Rap.’

The Filipino rap star released several subsequent albums including Rap Is FrancisM (1992), Meron akong ano! (I have something!)(1993), and FreeMan (1995). In 2002 he released a greatest hits album, The Best of FrancisM,was released in 2002. Throughout these years, he produced more hit singles, including “Ito ang Gusto Ko,” “Girl Be Mine” and “Kaleidoscope World.”

As a TV host, Francis Magalona was a VJ for MTV Asia, a judge in ABC-5’s ‘Philippine Idol’ as well as the co-host of the aforementioned noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga!’

He was also a businessman and entrepreneur with his own production company Filipino Pictures Inc. and record company Red Egg Records. He also owned a clothing line, FMCC (FrancisM Clothing Co.) which carries the ‘3 Stars & a Sun’ line of stores.

In 2005 he received the Pioneer Hall of Fame Award by Empire Entertainment at the 1st Annual Philippine Hip-Hop Music Awards. He also received the MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards Generations Award in 2006, in acknowledgment of his longstanding, trailblazing career in hip-hop.

He was married to Pia Maria Arroyo Magalona and the couple had eight children, including actress Maxene Magalona.

In his final blog entry written on January 14, 2009, he addressed fans and requested their prayers.

“I look forward to the pain as I know my journey is on full speed ahead. I will not be bold to say that without asking a favor from you all. PLEASE PRAY for me as I undergo treatment. Your prayers, as always, have sustained me. And am sure the Lord will listen to all our prayers. To His will I submit myself.”

Movie star turned politician, Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. hailed Magalona’s achievements.

The country has lost a modern-day artist, a nationalist in his own creative way. Francis M. used music and fashion to promote love of country among Filipino youth.

source: Right Celebrity

Monday, March 2, 2009

March 5th | MIDTOWN Ladies Nights Thursdays w/ DJ Geometrix | Midtown Lounge DC

Ladies Night Thursdays @ MIDTOWN DC

1219 Connecticut Avenue NW, 2nd Floor
Washington, DC

featuring the music of DJ Geometrix

Girls 18+
Guys 21+
Doors open 10pm-2am

Drink Specials:
$1 Longneck Beers 9-10pm
(Corona, Miller Lite, Yuengling)
$200 Bottles Grey Goose

Tables & Guestlist:

More info:


everything he said on this video, i've been telling everyone else in the scene for a while now. my favorite line in this video, he said "Have the heart to clear out the dancefloor". that's so true. DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRY OUT NEW MUSIC!!!!

This Guy is the next Frank Calliendo - GREAT Impressions

Piotr Walczuk - this guy is pretty funny with his impressions. my favs are Don Pardo, Emperor Palatine, Ed Wynn, Stan Lee, Michael Caine, and HAL9000