Friday, July 28, 2006


All I gotta say is fuck cable internet, fuck dsl. Its all about FIOS!
I can download a 30 min video in less than 10 seconds. No more
buffering delays on youtube and porn, hahahaha

July house updates

We painted the dining room and kitchen a sage green. The living room is
bamboo yellow. Painted my office a toffee brown color. Both living
room and dining room have window treatments (curtains, rods, etc.).
Hopefully we can finish decorating the office, living room, and dining
room by august. Also get a breakfast table set and get started on
painting the master bedroom and downstairs bath.

U know u dj a lot of parties...

When your serato control records start looking like these, hahahaha

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

This sucks

I just got a letter from dc cops. They caught me speeding and got a
photograph too. This was probably after I did love back in may and
didn't realize they added a camera at the 395 tunnel. Haven't been that
way in a while. Oh well, $50 down the drain.

Monday, July 3, 2006

Check out my shoe store

Hahahaha, finally got the shelves up for my shoes in the garage. I
would have filled up that top shelf if I didn't sell some of my shoes
before the move. There's a few more shoes I have my eyes set on getting
in the next few months so I wouldn't have a problem filling that top
shelf up in no time. These are all my sneakers and I still have a dozen
casual/dress shoes in the closet up in the master bedroom. Geez, talk
about addict