Monday, December 15, 2008

I swam with dolphins in Cozumel, Mexico last week

linh was with me the whole week last week in my dj cruise tour. we went to belize, costa maya, and cozumel. we just did a city van tour of belize and also did some shopping. we went to see the chaccoban mayan ruins in costa maya. that was a great sight to see. surprised to hear that linh was very interested in seeing the mayan ruins since she did a report on it back in grade school. learning new things about your significant other is great. after that, we decided to do the dolphin swim and ride encounter in cozumel. linh of course just wanted to observe and didn't want to get in the water since she doesn't know how to swim.

i had such a great experience and was actually a dream come true for me since i've always wanted to do this ever since i was a kid. there were 4 things we had to do in the water with the dolphins. the trainers taught me to do 4 different hand signals, which tells the dolphin to do certain actions. first one, i grabbed the collar of my life jacket with both of my hands and the dolphin will come around u and give u a kiss. of course, you can kiss the dolphin back as well. right after the kiss, they have you hold out your arms in front of you like you were about to strangle someone and the dolphin comes out of the water to shake your hands with its fins. then they have u stand out by the edge of the pool and have you arm & hand stick out from your side. the dolphin will then kick up from the water and kiss your hand while staying up there in that position for a few seconds. finally, you swim out far in the pool to set up the belly swim. yes, the dolphin turns belly up and you basically ride on its belly to the other side of the pool. that was INCREDIBLE!!! after that, you basically swim free with the dolphins for a good 10 minutes and the finale is a show from the dolphins, jumping out of the water, doing front & back flips, waving goodbye, and such. that was a life changing experience and i feel so lucky to be able to do that.

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